About us

Jeevan Jyoti Convent School is a Christian minority educational institution established and managed by Sagar Diocesan Service Society, Sagar. The school was established in (Reg. In 2014). for boys and girls and has become one of the premier educational institutions catering to the needs of At present Jeevan Jyoti Convent School became a High School in and It stands to meet the intellectual, cultural, emotional and physical developments of the children of Isagarh and of the neighboring localities.

The institution is known for its excellence in discipline, education and leadership. The instruments used in the realization of this character formation are the teachers, parents, and healthy environment. The school is totally private, un-aided and does not receive any grant-in-aid from any government departments. The school is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi. Affiliated to CBSE New Delhi, Aff. No. 1030906 with School code No. 23460714328 The Education policy of Sagar Diocesan Service Society

We consider education as an integral formation of the human person, for the fulfillment of his/her individual and social responsibilities.

The secret of the success of our educational institutions is a community of teachers who are committed to their vocation, professionally competent, morally upright, just and human in dealings, and who grow the true vision of education.

We have to reach out to the families, primarily of the students, to assist them in their needs, to share in their joys and sorrows and to help them experience love and freedom so that the students realize that our educational institutions are an extension of their homes. Our institutions are open to all students, irrespective of caste and creed, they are accepted and cherished as they are, and are helped to grow in their cultural, social and religious traditions. As they are privileged to be in our institutions, they will also have the right to get acquainted with the person of Jesus Christ and His Gospel. Being an institution established and administered by and for Christian minority community based on religions in State under article 30 clauses 1, it will give preference to Christian minority in admissions and appointments and have a special concern for the faith formation of the Christian students and value

education for all others.

For the realization of the goal of education we expect students, parents and teachers to share this vision and to co-operate with us whole heartedly.

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