1. No students shall be absent during examination or test except when prevented by reasons of health, in which case a medical certificate will be produced.

    2. those absent from an examination or test, without grave reasons,     or previous written permission will be regarded as having failed.

3. A student, who misses and examination, may not appear at a later date.

4. Unsatisfactory progress in studies, insufficient attendance and misbehaviors may keep a student away from examination.

5. Any kind malpractice in the tests, attempted or intended by any student, is punishable with suspension or expulsion from the tests or from school according the gravity of the offence.

6. Progress card will be given to the parents after tests and examination to see the performance of their children.

7. An aggregate of the marks scored in all the tests and examinations will be considered for the promotion of a student.

8. The result of annual examination will be declared only after the student has cleared the dues of the school.

9. A minimum of 35 % marks is required  for pass mark in  each subject for primary and middle classes and 33% for higher classes.