Principal Message



I am delightful to address with my greetings to all of you.

Friends, every child when born, I believe, are a peace loving child. And it is  we who probably spoil his nature, it is we who take him to the wrong direction from a peace loving human being to a human being, who stars believing in conflicts hatred, etc…. and therefore, education is the means which will have to come in, to correct the situation.

I remember the famous sculptor of Michel Angelo, he created a beautiful statue, and a friend of his said, out of a piece of stone, you have created this beautiful statue. The Sculptor said,” This statue was already within the stone. I have not created it. All I have done is I have chiseled off the undesirable pieces which were around the statue, which were masking the statue”.

“I think, my friends, the same way a child who is borne by the kindness of God, he is a peace loving child. In the name of education, we start believing in, stuffing him with more information, rather than chiseling him off to make sure that, he remains a peace loving person.

Majority of India is still live in villages without any knowledge of education and so the topic of rural education in India is of utmost important, but we face the challenges and hardships on our way to create a beautiful environment and change the expectations of the parents through educating their children. Trusting in the providence of God let us put all our attempts to realize our dreams and desires to provide good education for our locals. Let us pray that, our young students may bring about a culture of tolerance, understanding, justice and forgiveness to create a civilization of love, happiness, peace and unity.